Mendocino Culinary Co-Op
We believe that local food not only tastes better, but is better for you. Supporting our local farms and purveyors is at the backbone of what we do. Locally sourced farm-grown, organic and GMO- free ingredients not only keep us healthy and help our community thrive, but they help people to get back in touch with real food – food that takes hard work to nurture and grow. It is our hope that our seasonal menus will inspire our customers to use our products and other locally sourced foods in their own kitchens.

Mendocino Catering Co
Our chefs deliver creatively prepared flavorful seasonally inspired Farm to Table menus that will ignite your passion for food and fire up your taste buds!

Food Truck Enjoy a whole new local dining experience and visit our Food Truck today, located in the heart of Fort Bragg in back of the Company Store Building.